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Project Description
A PHP implementation of Information Card identity technology built on top of the Zend Framework

InformationCard-PHP provides a PHP library allowing consumption of Information Cards by a Relying Party. It is a component of the larger Zend Framework project.


You can find the Information Card PHP documentation on the Zend Framework web site here:

Information Card technology is part of the Microsoft initiative for providing secure authentication for the Internet Age. Through the UI paradigm of Information Cards, the user is presented with a simple, consistent way to manage and securely present their identity to various distributed, heterogeneous systems. This is meant to be done as easily as the user presents different forms of authentication from the identification cards on their physical person, and forms an important part of the Identity Metasystem

Within Information Cards there are three software components:

* The Identity Selector, which presents and allows choosing from acceptable forms of authentication
* The Identity Provider, which provides cards to users for them to use in authenticating to various systems
* The Relying Party, which requests from a selector that specific information to be securely supplied from an identity provider.

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